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Reyh and Wisdom

On the fourth day of the siege of Wie'len , Wisdom itself came to Reyh , for two days they discussed on strategy and else .
On the seventh day , the city was taken and the southern general in charge ,brought to his knee .
The attack and takeover was so fast and the success so unexpected that Reyh successfully raided an other city before the news was brought to the capital.
It was the first of a long list of cities conquered by Reyh during the north crusade , and a huge blow to the empire ; the city was deemed to be an impenetrable fortress , and the general in charge a prestigious veteran .
Furthermore , she was favored by the gods to the point that they help her , she became legend among her people and even some southern people , like the city of Kede'len , freeing themselves from their general and commander to open the gates to the northern army .

History of the northern lands , Glenyr Perforth