Adaptive Autonomous Transport Vehicle
The idea is to make the settlers the less exposed to outdoor radiations . While most of the transports and habitats are underground , there is a need for outdoor logistic , such as prospecting , installing mining equipment and facilities

Cargo are loaded on multiple AATV that will reach their destinations autonomously , unload it at the desire location to then go back to base ready to be loaded again . Once all cargo are delivered the settlers will then go to the location in pressurized modules to supervise the installations .
The wheels are made of a hard yet flexible composite (like a very hardened rubber) that absorbs most of the smaller protuberances.
Mars terrain is rough and wheels are under a lot of strain ( curiosity could confirm) , in the case of a blade being damaged , there are still enough on a wheel to not damper the progression of the vehicle .Blades are easy to change ( even for a single single settler ) cheap and easy to store.