"When the ocean and the night sky blend into one , when the deep under is only rivaled by the infinite above ,
and around , the void , great , dark , silent .
Drowning in the abyss , hope , gives way to despair , and dreams of green lands are long forgotten,
leaving the simple desire to do one with the great void .

When all prayers are turned to Erin , protector of all sailors .

A crow can sometimes be heard
A light can sometimes be seen
Hope can sometimes be felt

Accompanied by his Raven who can blow the wind out of his wings ,
Armed with a spear that can split the darkest sky,
Carrying the stars and constellation themselves to be read into the sky,
Erin guides all sailors across seas and oceans for he is their protector , guide and guardian."

Gods and Deities of the northern lands , Glenyr Perforth