Siobhán III

Emperor Siobhán the third , ruler of the Tyr empire , is said to be over a thousand years old . Common folks believes him to be immortal , a sort of deity , not a god , no , but ... something different .
A rumor has been spreading over the years, that the real emperor is long dead, behind the mask, a puppet , someone taking a role, acting, replaced over the centuries ... but if this rumor is real who is really in control? who are the entities behind this scheme , it is still unclear .
What is certain is , his reign has allowed the empire to reach the golden age of the human civilization , an era that will be remembered as the pinnacle of science , technology and free thinking.
But as the saying goes : "Everything that goes up must come down" and already , corruption and depravation started to spread, presaging the downfall of the empire and dark times ahead.

Glenyr Perforth