SEDT pilot

SEDT ( space exploration defence team ) is a unit created in August 2024, thanks to an international effort .
-In 2020, April 23rd , an undentified object appeared inexplicably in Earth orbit at approximately 302,400 km distance to where it kept stationnary .
-May 25th , the international scientific community declares that the UFO is in fact an abandoned spaceship wich seems to have come in earth orbit in some sort of autopilot.
-June 12th , International community to start a joint operation to explore the vessel , named UNITY , in symbol .
-June 24th , A international commitee has been voted to lead this operation , the ESEP ( Earth Space Exploration Program ) wich merge NASA , ESA , APRSAF , and 132 high profile companies related in aeronautics , space program and research , electronics , communication, into one organisation.

- In 2023 ,September 14th , after almost 2 years of talks and under a lot of governemental pressures , the ESEP finally agreed to include a military unit in his plans to explore UNITY , to the condition that this unit is under ESEP direct command .
-SEDT is created August 24th.

Plans to reach Unity are schedule for 2027 .

Pierre raveneau sedt pilot by asahisuperdry d8yf3rv