Kowloon files #1

After the destruction of the infamous Kowloon walled city , a detective was set to compile accounts and stories that he could find about this place , what he found were not mere drug deals and crimes but things much more sordid and mysterious.

Case #1 The unkown
witness account #23 : A chilling cold , a strange mist , silence, except for her steps resonating , like time stopped ,and she is the only living being . I saw her coming down the hallway , gigantic , almost touching the dirty lamps with her umbrella , the rope around her neck swinging to the pace of her slow steps , her face covered by an old stained cloth . I dare not think what tragedy befell her , she is no ghost and certainly not alive either , she will come back , she always do.

gravity sketch VR - render Keyshot -PS

Pierre raveneau koolown
Pierre raveneau koolownbase

gravity sketch render in keyshot.